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Thees ball worm screw jacks are suitable for high services as well as for a very rapid, quick and precise positioning. Jacton ball screw jack 5 ton load capacity required input torque to approximately one-third the torque required for the 5 ton machine screw jack. The ball screw sizes 40x10, worm gear ratios 6:1

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SJC80 Worm Gear Screw Jack Pictures:SJC80 Worm Gear Screw Jack Quick Information:1. Jack Model:SJC80 2. Lifting Screw Diam.:50mm 3. Lifting Screw Pitch:8mm 4. Max load capacity:80KN 5. Gear Ratio:1/8, 1/32 6:Travel Stroke:No standard stroke, all Ball Screw ComDRIVEs JoyceJoyce Ball Screw ComDRIVEs combine a ball screw jack, motor and gear reducer into a single compact unit. Motorized ComDRIVEs are available in 2-ton through 30-ton capacities. Available in Translating, KFTN, and double clevis designs, they provide travel speeds up to 55.5 inches per minute.

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Worm gear ball screw jacks are fast and efficient. They can accurately position and hold loads up to 50-tons. Examples include:Platform lifts, Damper adjustments, Ergonomic lifts, Maintenance lifts, Roll adjustments, Earth Station Antennas, Solar Trackers, Conveyor adjustments, Packaging equipment, and Gate adjustments. Ball Screw Jacks Uni-Lift JacksUNI-LIFT ball screw jacks provide high efficiency and high speed in a linear positioning package up to 100 tons. The low friction ball screw and nut design provides longer life at load and requires less power to achieve a specified thrust and movement. Ball Screw Jacks can be used individually, in tandem or as part of a larger mechanical system.

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Ball screw jack is suitable for high speed, high frequency and excellent performance.Main components:Precision ball screw pair and high pr ecision worm-gears pair.Our worm worm gear screw jacks lift and precisely position loads up to 490kN. Upright or inverted jacks operate at full capacity in Ball screw jack - All industrial manufacturers - VideosTravel:6 in - 100 in Load:2.5 kN - 1,000 kN Torque:193 rpm - 1,800 rpm. A Uprighted translating jack has a lifting shaft that moves through the gear box. The lift shaft extends out from the top of the worm screw jack.A nut is integrated with the worm gear

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The addition of a high efficiency ball screw and nut reduces the required input torque to approximately one-third the torque required for the Machine Screw Jack. Bevel Gear designs are available with optional accessories such as boots, top plates, and clevis mounts. JTD10 Cubic Ball Screw Jack,10kn small worm gear ball JTD10 Cubic Ball Screw Jack Pictures JTD10 Cubic Ball Screw Jack Features 1. Maximum lifting force 10KN, rated dynamic load 10KN. 2. Ball screw diameter 20mm, lead 5mm. Gearbox sizes 100x85x75mm. Center height 37.5mm, center distance 32mm. Worm shaft diameter 14mm. 3.

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JTD25 Cubic Ball Screw Jack Pictures JTD25 Cubic Ball Screw Jack Features 1. Maximum lifting force 20KN, rated dynamic load 17KN. 2. Ball screw diameter 32mm, lead 5mm. Gearbox sizes 130x105x82mm. Center height 41mm, center distance 45mm. Worm shaft diameter 16mm. 3. JTW-Series Machine Screw Jacks - Chinese best screw jacks 250 kg 12 volt electric screw jack,60 mm short travel miniature electric screw jacks electric worm screw jack assembly 5 tons with traveling nut 36inch stroke 25 kN electric screw jack platform,2 inch worm gear motorized screw jack reducer heavy duty electric screw jacks 100 kN force,1180mm electric screw jack lift

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It can measure the rotations of the input shaft and display the corresponding position in the digital counter window. The display value per input shaft revolution is variable and is achieved through a series of gear reductions configured to accommodate different worm gear screw jack ratios, screw Metric Upright Rotating Machine Screw Jacks Worm Gear Metric Upright Rotating Machine Screw Jacks - 5 kN to 200 kN. A metric upright rotating ball screw jack has a lift shaft that moves a nut as it turns.

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20kn Ball Screw Worm Gear Jack FOB Price:US $200-350 / Piece. Min. Order:1 Piece. Contact Now. Video. 50kn Ball Screw Worm Gear Jack FOB Price:US $250-450 / Piece. Min. Order:1 Piece. Contact Now. Video. 60kn Ball Screw Worm Gear Jack FOB Price:US $350-550 / Screw Jacks (Ball screws) / Makishinko JapanThis jack is constructed of a worm gear and ball nut and is optimal for efficient, accurate and high frequency operation. This jack operates by turning the input shaft (worm shaft), rotating the worm wheel (nut) and this movement is transmitted as propulsive force to the screw shaft. The worm section and screw section are both lubricated with

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Motorized screw jacks (also known as a automatic motorized screw jack, a motorized jack screw, a motorised screw jack, or a motorized worm gear screw jack) is used in many fields where it is necessary to lift different loads, such as automated production lines for sheet metal machinery, packaging, textiles, plastics, renewable energy and more. Worm Gear Screw Jack Manufacturer, Customized Worm About Our Company For more than 13 years, we, Jacton Industry Co., Ltd. have been proving our capabilities as an eminent manufacturer and supplier. Our huge range of offerings consists of Screw Jacks, Linear Actuators, Bevel Gearboxes, Worm Gear Screw Jack, Customized Worm Gear Screw Jack and Jacking Systems, etc.All these items are made from highest grade raw material that we

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The screw drives from our own production, paired with high-quality worm gearboxes, result in screw jacks with outstanding properties in terms of lifting power and smoothness. The lifting gear units are available with trapezoidal or ball screw drive with lifting forces from 150 to 500kN. Worm Gear Screw Jacks - Thomson - LinearWorm gear screw jacks with trapezoidal screw pro-duce an advance of 0.25 mm for each full revolution of the worm shaft. That is, the linear speed is 375 mm per min at 1500 RPM. Worm gear screw jacks with ball screws achieve between 312 mm per min and 535 mm per min, depending on size and lead. Please note that higher speeds of travel can be

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Mechanical worm gear ball screw jack, available with translating lifting screw or lifting nut. Capacities up to 125 kN (12,5 tonne). 200 kN (20 tonne) with ball screw available on request. Lifting speeds up 5,4 m/min (90 mm/s). Faster on request. Standard lifting screw length up to 5,5 m. ball screw jack, ball screw jack Suppliers and Worm Gear Ball Screw Jack Detailed Information:Ball Screw Jack lift precisely controlled lifting,lowering,pushing,pulling and rolling movements. Upright or inverted jacks operate at full capacity in tension or These ball screw jacks require up to two-thirds less input torque to move the load than similarly rated machine screw jacks.

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Screw Jack Manual Best Seller Worm Gear Screw Jack Manual Electric Screw Jack Small Screw Jack. US $99.00-$1299 / Set 1 Set (Min. Order) 2 YRS . Shandong JinYu Machinery Co., Ltd. 20kN Cubic Ball Screw Jack. US $195.00-$395.00 / Piece2 tons Worm Gear Srew Jack, Electric Worm Gear Screw Jack SJC20 Worm Gear Screw Jack Pictures:SJC20 Worm Gear Screw Jack Quick Information:1. Jack Model:SJC20 2. Lifting Screw Diam.:30mm 3. Lifting Screw Pitch:6mm 4. Max load capacity:20 KN 5. Gear Ratio:1/6, 1/24 6:Travel Stroke:No standard stroke, all

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