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1.2379, X153CrMoV12, AISI D2 - tool steel - VIRGAMET

1.2379, X153CrMoV12, AISI D2 - specification and description. Alloyed cold working tool steel with high carbide formers content. It is characterized by high resistance to abrasive wear, greater ductility, extremely low tendency to deformation and hardening cracks, very high hardenability, as well as significant dimensional stability during hardening.

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1.2601 material is High alloyed CrMoV steel for cutting tool and cold work tool steel. Chemical composition of 1.2601, 1.2601 mechanical properties, 1.2601 datasheet, 1.2601 equivalent grade, Heat treatment and temperature process of 1.2601. 35NCD16 DIN 1.6773 36NiCrMo16 QT Steel - ISO Quench and tempering special NiCrMo steel, almost equivalent to 34NiCrMo16 steel standardized according to UNI7874/7845, characterized by very high tensile strength together with good toughness. It is usable in the hardened and stress relieved state. It can

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Z160CDV12(AFNOR) - Equivalent of AISI of D2 tool steel. Manufacturing Technology - Ingot. Country - France(FR) Alloy tool steel - Equivalent grade - Steel grades 26 rows · ITEMJISVDEhW-Nr.BSNFISOASTMSAEquantitywithbladewithwithsteelgroup

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Equivalent Of DIN X155CrVMo12 cold work alloy tool steel USA Germany China Japan France England Italy Poland Czechia Austria Sweden Spain - DIN,WNr GB JIS AFNOR BS UNI PN CSN ONORM SS UNE D2 / T30402 X155CrVMo12-1/ 1.2379 Cr12MoV SKD11 X160CrMoV12/ Z160CDV12 BD2 X155CRV MO121KU Form of Supply Chemicalcomposition) C%) Si%) Mn%) P% S%) Cr%) max Dec 01, 2017 · 1.2312 Tool Steel 40CrMnMoS8-6 Equivalent Grade 1.2312 Alloyed And Pre-Toughened Tool Steel1.2312 Steel For Good Machinability 1.2312 Steel Round Bar 1.2312 Steel Supplier In India 1.2312 Steel Manufacturer In India Keywords

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1.2379 (X153CrMoV12) 12% Ledeburitic Chromium steel with maximum wear resistance, good toughness, excellent cutting edge retention and tempering resistance. D2 (T30402 |SKD11X165CrMoV12 Too steel supplier AISI D2(T30402) is a high-carbon and high-chromium air hardening cold work tool steel. D2 steel provides an effective combination of high hardness, high toughness and good thermoplasticity, used for making large and thermoplastic cutting tools in addition to general tools.

Data Table for Grades Tool Die Steels X160CrMoV12 /

Z160CDV12,such as it is commonly used in bars, sheet,plates, steel coils, steel pipes,forged and other materials application. Data Table for Grades Tool Die Steels X160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12 X160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12 Standard Number:ITEM Standard Number Descriptions 1 NF A35-590(1992) EN X153CrMoV12 - Equivalent MaterialsThere are 24 equivalent materials for EN X153CrMoV12 Tool And Machining Steel. See the equivalents for DIN, AFNOR, BS, UNI, UNE, AISI, SAE, JIS, EN, ISO, GOST, GB, GB

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I want equivalent material grade of below material grade z160cdv12:26.06.2017 :I can you suggest equivalent material to z160cdv12 used in forming TOOL die:23.06.2017 :Need specification of material, JSH 270 CN-P:21.06.2017 :ESEN M1A159-DA US EQUIVALENT:21.06.2017 HCHCR D2 Steel D2 Steel D2 Tool Steel Die Block D2AFNOR Z160CDV12. C 1.54:Si 0.32:Mn 0.34:Cr 12.00 :Mo 0.76:V 0.91 . Virat Special Steels is the largest Supplier & Stockiest of HCHCR D2 in India. D2 Steel Consolidates maximum wear resistance, great durability, exceptional front line maintenance and treating resistance. 12 % ledeburitic chromium steel. It can be nitride after special heat

ISO 4957 Grade X155CrMoV12-1 soft annealed (+A) - Tool

Equivalent Materials. GB Cr12MoV; AFNOR Z160CDV12; More. This material data has been provided by WIAM. All metrics apply to room temperature unless otherwise stated. SI units used unless otherwise stated. Equivalent standards are similar to one or more standards provided by the supplier. Some equivalent standards may be stricter whereas others International Specification Comparison ChartBD2 Z160CDV12 D2 1.2379 X155CrVMo12-1 ALUMINIUM TO BS EN 573-3 6082 T6 HE30 6082 ALSi1MgMn EN-AW-6082 2011 FC1 FC1 A92011 3.1655 ALCu6BiPb BRASS TO BS EN 12164 CW 614N CZ121 38500 CuZn39Pb3 Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this publication, Acton Bright Steel Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any errors, omissions

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Product Description. To meet diversified demands of customers, we are engaged in offering premium quality SAE 9254 Spring Steel to our esteemed patrons. It is temperable spring steel, that is well known for its good resiliency, enormous tenacity and wears resistance. Steel grades for physical, mechanical and environmental Steel grades for physical, mechanical and environmental data.

Thermal contact resistance estimation at the blank/tool

Mar 10, 2010 · In the present paper, an experimental device designed and developed to estimate the thermal contact resistance (R C ) at the blank/tool interface is presented along with the simulation chain used to validate the experimental results. The designed stamping tool is composed of a die and a punch made in Z160CDV12 steel and presenting an omega shape. X12M - Tool Steels & Die Steels and Cemented Carbide Equivalent Grade. 1 X165CrMoV12 2 Q195 3 Q215 4 Q215 B 5 Q235 6 Q235 B 7 Q235 C 8 Q235 D 9 Q255 A 10 Q255 B 11 D3 12 X165CrMoV12 13 1.2601 14 SKD-11 15 SS 2310 16 X12M 17 X160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12. Equivalent Products. 1 SKD-11 Cold working die steel 2 X165CrMoV12 Cold working die steel 3 17-4ph steel wire 4 A387 F5 / Grade 5 Coil / Sheet 5 D2

X12M, D3, X165CrMoV12, 1.2601, SKD.11, SS 2310, X12M

Tool Die Steels X12M, D3, X165CrMoV12, 1.2601, SKD.11, SS 2310, X12M, X160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12, Cold work die steel, steel hardenability, quenching tempering hardness, wear resistance, strength are higher than the Cr12.Shape is complex, X12M Tool Die Steels Properties Data X160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12, D3, X165CrMoV12, 1.2601, Tool Die Steels X160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12, D3, X165CrMoV12, 1.2601, SKD.11, SS 2310, X12M, X160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12,Cold working alloy tool steels to NF A35-590(1992)

Z100CDV5 (AFNOR NFA ) - Worldwide equivalent grades

Z100CDV5 (France, AFNOR NFA ) - European (EU, EN) and wordwide Steel equivalent grades These comparison table is only intended as an indication of the closest khown equivalent grades. The source standarts should always be checked for the specific purpose for each material, in case of doubt Buy, sell, suppliers search product Z100CDV5 on-lineX160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12 - Tool Steels & Die Steels and X160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12 Chemical Composition and X160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12 Mechanical properties, X160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12 Datasheets, X160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12 Supplier, X160CrMoV12 / Z160CDV12 Equivalent Grade

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