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Rolling Circumference 9.7 in 40.9 in 18.6 in 121.9 in W8 247 mm 1,040 mm 472 mm 3,097 mm W7 Rolling Circumference Index 35 Tube MSPN Number of Lugs 62910 18 x 2 Tube CAI 170035 Minimum Dual/Triple Spacing Gross Flat Plate Tire Weight 100% Tire Volume Centerline Tread Depth 103 sq in 69 lbs 22.7 gals 40/32nd 13.4 in 667 sq cm 31 kgs 86 liters 32


Rolling Circumference 17.4 in 42.8 in 18.7 in 127.4 in W14L 441 mm 1,088 mm 474 mm 3,236 mm W13, W15L Rolling Circumference Index 0 Tube MSPN Number of Lugs 16 x 2 Tube CAI 171112 / 657648 Minimum Dual/Triple Spacing Gross Flat Plate Tire Weight 100% Tire Volume Centerline Tread Depth 143 lbs 55.2 gals 55/32nd 22.8 in 65 kgs 209 liters 44 mm 580 mm 480/80R42 Firestone Radial Deep Tread Tractor Tire (18.4R42)Load Index:154B Recommended Rim Width:16 Inches Overall Width:19.2 Inches Overall Diameter:73.2 Inches Static Loaded Radius:33.5 Rolling Circumference:218 Inches Rolling Circumference Index:46 Bar Height (32nds):63 Bar Height:1.96 Inches Flat Plate:360 Inches Tire Weight:465 lbs Max Speed:30 mph Max Load:8250 lbs Max Pressure:29 psi


Mar 02, 2020 · The Rolling Circumference Index (RCI) is a grouping of tires based on the rolling circumferences. The next higher RCI is always ~5.4% higher (+/- .2 % Tolerance), which means a factor of ~1.054. The RCIs in the tractor´s handbook can give 2 different kinds of information: Ag Tires & Tracks Maintenance Resources Firestone From load index and weight to rolling circumference and bar height, get detailed info for the Firestone Ag product line. Read More. Technical Bulletins. Special information pertaining to Firestone Agriculture products. Read More. Load & Inflation Tables.

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May 26, 2021 · The spec. tire rolling circumference is normally given from the tire manufacturer. It is the theoretical length of one rotation of the tire (circumference) based on the dynamic rolling radius. The manufacturers test for tire rolling circumference is calculated at a speed of 60 km/h (37.3 mph) with an air pressure of 1.8 bar (26 psi) [or 2.3 GALAXY - Lawn & Garden Tires - Tires4That by Gallagher TireDistributor of Specialty Tires, Inner Tubes, Wheels & more. We are dedicated to providing immediate access to a massive selection of tires, inner tubes, and wheels for specialty applications including Construction, Industrial, Lawn & Garden, Medium Truck, OTR, Powersports, and Trailer.

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Agricultural tractor drive wheel tyres Explanation of rolling circumference index (RCI) and speed radius index (SRI) and method of measuring tyre rolling circumference. Buy this standard Abstract Preview. This document specifies the method for measuring rolling circumference for new tyres, under loaded conditions, made for use on J2523A:Rolling Circumference Index Groups for Mar 01, 2003 · This SAE Standard is established for the following purpose:a. Simplify the application of drive wheel tires to agricultural vehicles especially those with multiple drive axles having tires of different sizes.b. Provide a pattern to combine similar sized tires into Rolling Circumference Index groups

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Succeeding the renowned ML698 pattern, the ML698+ pattern is the true on- and off-road pattern in the Event Tyre range. The ML698+'s rugged appearance is shaped by its block structure which enhances the ML698+'s off-road performances. Whether driving though rain, mud or on clear roads the robust ML698+ ensures you of a safe journey. Nokian Armor Gard MINE - Long service life for material Rolling circumference Speed radius index Max inflation pressure PR; 3393 mm 0 in-1000 kPa 145 psi:20:Rolling circumference:3393 mm 0 in:Speed radius index-Max inflation pressure:1000 kPa 145 psi:PR:20:Load capacity Product code; 0 km/h 10420 kg 10 km/h 8970 kg 25 km/h 6900 kg 0 mph 22970 lbs 5 mph 19775 lbs 15 mph 15210 lbs:

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diameter of 24.97", a circumference of 78.44" and rolled 835 times each mile. The same tire worn to 8/32-inch of remaining tread depth was calculated to be 1/8" shorter with a diameter of 24.84", had a circumference of 78.04" and rolled 839 times per mile. While the SAE J2523 - (R) Rolling Circumference Index Groups for Nov 01, 2019 · Find the most up-to-date version of SAE J2523 at Engineering360.


Low rolling resistance level providing fuel-saving potential Reduced rolling noise More kilometres per tyre with more grip and braking power The new Marathon LHD+ version provides 10% improved mileage* * vs LHD TECHNICAL DATA:MARATHON LHD+ Load Speed Size Index Symbol 315/80R22.5 156/150 (154/150) L (M) * 295/80R22.5 152/148 M* 315/70R22.5 154 Tire Diameter And Circumference CalculatorThis script is designed to calculate the diameter and the circumference of a given tire. Both calculations are designed to round up. Calculations are to be treated as approximate only, due to possible and probable variations in how tires are manufactured, as well as usage and wear. The information in the Required area is needed to perform the

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ROLLING CIRCUMFERENCE = The linear distance traveled by a tire in one revolution. This can vary with load and inflation. This can vary with load and inflation. Rolling circumfer ence can be calculated as follows:63,360 divided by revolutions per mile = rolling circumference in inches. Tire Glossary BFGoodrich TiresROLLING CIRCUMFERENCE. The linear distance traveled by a tire in one revolution (its circumference). This can vary with load and inflation. Rolling circumference can be calculated as follows:63,360 divided by revolutions per mile = rolling circumference in inches. ROLLING RESISTANCE. The force required to keep a tire moving at a uniform speed.

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Jul 25, 2013 · Rolling circumference is the measurement of the distance a tire travels in one revolution. Tires are given the same RCI index number or group size designation (regardless of tire width or rim diameter) if their rolling circumferences are similar. Understanding basic tire information - DeereJul 25, 2013 · The tire industry has converted to metric size designations when describing agricultural tires. In addition, tires are placed into groups by their rolling circumference index (RCI), commonly referred to as group size. Rolling circumference is the measurement of the

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RCI = Rolling Circumference Index » Indicates family of tires with similar rolling circumferences. All sizes in a row are approximately the same outside diameter. RCI Chart Goodyear families of radial farm tires, tread types R-1 and R-1W only All sizes in the same column are approximately the same width.Ag Tire Size Options:RCI Chart AGTireTalkMay 12, 2016 · Rolling Circumference Index Chart, or RCI Chart categorizes farm tires in accordance with overall diameter / rolling circumference along with section width / row spacing. See complete definitions of rolling circumference and section width at https://agtiretalk/ag-tire-glossary/. RCI Group, within RCI Chart, is used to make changing tire widths easy, with all tires in same group

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